Our Centre is run by a group of lovely staff and volunteers. If you would like to contact one of our board or staff members, please contact the office at (519)-376-8304 or and we will put you in touch!

Board of Directors

Board Executive

Sharon McKeachnie, Board Chair | Judy Chalmers, Past Chair | Vacant, Vice Chair | Coralene McQuigge, Treasurer | Kathy Deacon, Board Secretary

Board Members & Committee Chairs

Jenny Saint, Board Member & Travel Co-ordinator | Murray McQuigge, Board Member & Facilities & Fund Development Chair | Jan Chamberlain, Board Member & Marketing Co-Chair | Susan O’Brien, Board Member & Membership Chair | Sheila Milne, Board Member | Ros Brooks, Board Member | Lynda Gee, Board Member

Office Staff

Office Manager- Corinda Hanna


Financial Inputter- Fiona Sensenstein