Our Centre is run by a group of lovely staff and volunteers. If you would like to contact one of our board or staff members, please contact the office at (519)-376-8304 or and we will put you in touch!

Board of Directors

Board Executive

Sharon McKeachnie, Board Chair

Judy Chalmers, Past Chair

Vacant, Vice Chair

Coralene McQuigge, Treasurer

Kathy Deacon, Board Secretary

Board Members & Committee Chairs

Jenny Saint, Board Member & Travel Co-ordinator

Murray McQuigge, Board Member & Facilities & Fund Development Chair

Jan Chamberlain, Board Member & Marketing Co-Chair

Susan O’Brien, Board Member & Membership Chair

Sheila Milne, Board Member

Ros Brooks, Board Member

Lynda Gee, Board Member

Office Staff

Office Manager- Gail Jordan


Financial Inputter- Fiona Sensenstein